Panasonic Battery: AA x 24 Platinum Power | LR6XE24B

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LR6XE24B | Panasonic Battery: AA x 24 Platinum Power

Panasonic's use of high purity compounds and proprietary manufacturing methods increase the reactivity of the active ingredients resulting in better battery performance and improved battery to device contact. These battery cells are specially formulated to provide peak performance for today's power hungry digital devices, such as radio controlled toys and game controllers.


  • 24 pack "AA" alkaline batteries
  • Non rechargeable
  • Customized iron and nickel alloy layer on the negative terminal creates a triple tough coating which prevents iron oxidation, reduces contact resistance, and improves battery's ability to stay connected for smooth energy flow
  • 10 year shelf life; high quality materials prevent degradation and ensure long-life stability
  • Leak prevention technology and strong internal structure make these batteries safe for use
  • Outer short-circuit protection prevents batteries from bursting or malfunctioning due to accidental misuse (such as putting them in backwards)
  • Mercury free

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