Breville: Mesh Filter Basket for JE-95XL and JE-98XL BR1


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SP0010662 | Breville: Mesh Filter Basket BR1 SP0010662

Suitable for Breville juicer extractor:

  • JE-200XL
  • JE-900XL (with PDC427A and higher)
  • JE-95XL
  • JE-98XL

Please note that for JE-900 with PDC before 427 i.e. June 2004, were using a different drive coupling, see the third picture above. Please also replace together with the drive coupling P-JE9530

** If the filter basket gets stuck onto the drive coupling, try pouring 1 cup of hot water into the filter basket and soak for 2 minutes. Cleaning the bottom of the basket and drive coupling will prevent the issue. 

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