5313277681 | Stopper for ECAM26455M [SPECIAL ORDER]


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5313277681 | Stopper for DeLonghi ECAM26455M [SPECIAL ORDER]

Suitable for DeLonghi Automatic Espresso Machine models:  

  • ECAM26455 PrimaDonna
  • ECAM25462S Digital S
  • ECAM23210 Intensa
  • ECAM23120 Magnifica S
  • ECAM22110 Magnifica XS
  • ESAM04110S Magnifica
  • ESAM6620 GrandDama
  • ESAM6600, ESAM6700 PrimaDonna
  • ESAM5500, ESAM5600 Perfecta
  • ESAM3200, ESAM3300, ESAM3400, ESAM3500, ESAM4000 Magnifica
  • ESAM2000 Caffe Venezia

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