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40-620-54 | Blentec Twister Jar 0.47L

The Blentec Twister is a jar that combines all of Blendtec's unique advantages. Designed for ultra thick recipes, the Twister jar lets you blend different varieties of nuts into nut butter, serve up scrumptious smoothies with ease and so much more. To use the jar, all you have to do is add the ingredients, and twist the lid counter-clockwise while the blend cycle is running. The twisting motion forces the ingredients from the sides of the jar back into the blade, allowing you to achieve the best blend every time.

The Twister jar is ideal for:

  • Bread & Cookie Crumbs
  • Nut Butters
  • Hummus
  • Baby Food
  • Single-Serve Smoothies

Product Features:

  • Extra-strong, patented single prong tuned wingtip blade.
  • Easy-to-read markings up to 16 fl. oz.
  • Made from impact resistant, BPA-free copolyester.
  • Compatible with all blendtec consumer blenders.

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