Breville Espresso Maker |ESP8BSS| "Cafe Roma"

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ESP8XL/ ESP8BSS| Breville Cafe Roma

Bring out the inner barista.

Thermoblock heating system extracts espresso at the perfect temperature. A full 15 bars of pressure maximizes créma for a rich, barista-style aroma and taste. Effortless frothing and foaming.

Product Features

  • Pump The pump draws water from the thermoblock heating system at the perfect temperature for Espresso extraction. A full 15 bars of pressure is maintained throughout the process to maximize crema, giving the coffee a rich, barista-style aroma and taste.

  • Steam The chrome steam wand produces continuous dry steam for barista-style milk and froth. The slide-on froth enhancer automatically introduces air and steam into the milk for effortless frothing.

  • Warming Tray The warming tray, cast from a single piece of metal, heats up to six Espresso cups simultaneously. The hinged metal lid at the rear provides easy access to the 40 oz. removable water tank.

  • Selector Dial The dual-action selector provides simple control over the pump and heating system. When the dial is turned to the right, Espresso is extracted. In the left position, the steam wand is activated, producing steam for frothing milk. The lights above the dial illuminate when the machine is turned on or heating.

  • Filters Three stainless steel filters (single shot, 7g; double shot, 14g; and pod) incorporate Breville's unique dual-wall crema technology. Beneath the first wall’s 333 pores is a second steel wall with a single exit hole. This produces a backpressure, ensuring a rich, smooth flavor and texture from every extraction.

  • A one cup S/S Frothing Pitcher is included

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