Breville Microwave Oven |BMO700BSS| 0.9 cu.ft, 900W "the Quick Touch Crisp"

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BMO700BSS| Breville "the Quick Touch Crisp" Microwave Oven

The easy to use inverter microwave combines more even heating, brown and crispy results, with the easy to use features of the Quick Touch. This microwave knows the right power level and time to suit different food types and switches to grill when it’s needed.

The integrated crisper pan with an in-built preheat function works in conjunction with the microwave and grill to crisp and brown foods that normally become soggy from standard microwave reheating such as pies, quiches, pastries and pizza.

With a simple press of a smart button the microwave offers a selection of the most commonly used food types in cook, grill, reheat and defrost modes. Microwave and grill times and power levels are automatically determined for optimum results.

The shortcut panel on the inside door makes the microwave very easy to use. The one-touch auto buttons provide access to your favourite setting and commonly used tasks such as melting chocolate,softening butter, baking potato and toasting a sandwich.

30 second instant start and A Bit More add further simplicity to the ease of use.

Product Features:

  • 0.9 cu. ft. capacity
  • Self locating 315mm glass turntable
  • The Smart Defrost setting is designed to gently defrost food without overheating or drying out the edges.
  • QuickStart One-Touch Cooking
  • 18 Smart Cook auto menus, 7 Smart Reheat auto menus, 4 Smart Defrost auto menus and 2 auto Melt & Soften menus
  • Painted metal cavity construction
  • Stainless steel door handle
  • Child Safety Lock

Additional Features

  • 10 power levels from 10% up to 100%
  • Sensor IQ Reheat and Cook there is no need to enter weight, simply select your food type and press start.
  • Favorite setting allows you to program your own for quick access and consistent results every time.
  • Pre-programmed shortcuts for commonly used tasks such as popcorn, melting chocolate and reheating beverages.
  • A Bit More setting when a little extra cooking time is required.
  • Beep volume can be adjusted from low, medium and high.
  • Includes an independent kitchen timer that is easy to access and read while completing other kitchen tasks
Capacity: 1.2 cu ft.
Manufacturer's Warranty: One Year
Free Extended Warranty: 6 Additional Months

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