Buffalo Cookbook for Rice Cookers [BOOKLET]


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Cook Book For Buffalo Smart Rice Cooker

Includes Meal Ideas and Recipes for:
  • Healthy mushroom rice
  • Garlic chicken soup
  • Stuffed bitter melon with pork
  • Sweet and sour pineapple fish
  • High fibre brown rice with yams
  • Goji berry fish soup
  • Steamed pork
  • Sufffed mushrooms
  • Mushroom chicken rice
  • Ginseng chicken feet soup
  • Pork Ribs with black beans
  • Steamed scallop with bok choy
  • Glutinous rice with Chinese sausage in lotus leaf
  • Braised Duck with red dates and barley soup
  • Steamed pork with broccoli and mushroom
  • Steamed ground pork with salted egg
  • Curry vegetable rice
  • Bak kut teh (braised port rib soup)
  • Lemon fish
  • Vietnamese chicken wings
  • Shanghainese vegetable rice
  • Lamb with herbs in soup
  • Beer Chicken
  • Pumpkin pork rib
  • Spanish seafood stewed rice
  • Borsh (Russian vegetable soup)
  • Black pepper steak
  • Mediterranean style zucchini
  • Dongpo Pork
  • Roaste pork and bean curd pot
  • Seafood Pasta with cream sauce
  • Bamboo shoots with chicken
  • Hainanese chicken rice
  • Lemongrass beef with coconut milk
  • Shangainese style salted & fresh pork soup (Yan Du Xian)
  • Shrimp glass noodle pot
  • Shao xing pork hock
  • Malaysian curry fish head
  • Taiwan braised dish (Lou Wei)
  • Taiwanese beef noodle
  • Tahi style tom yam soup
  • Oxtail stew in red wine
  • Vietnamese beef noodles
  • French style pork ribs with herbs
  • Mushroom chicken with bamboo shoots
  • Beef brisket in chu hou paste
  • Curry chicken
  • Chicken Chinese noodle
  • Seafood pumpkin stew with herbs
  • Sea cucumber with mushroom
  • Cheesecake
  • Whole wheat nut bread
  • Bird's nest with coconut milk
  • Tao and sago sweetened soup

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