Philips AVENT Baby Monitor |SCD560| DECT, 330m range

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Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Alert with Night Light and Lullabies SCD560/10

Stay connected to your baby no matter where you are in the house with the Philips AVENT baby monitor.

Zero Interference and 100% Privacy


Devices like cell phones will not affect the performance of the baby monitor thanks to the DECT technology, while the automatic data encryption lets you and only you hear your baby. The talk-back feature lets you communicate directly with your baby, letting your baby know that you are always nearby to hear the comforting sounds of your voice. You can also play lullabies for your baby to help them sleep.

DECT Technology Allows for Crystal Clear Sounds


In addition to zero interference, DECT technology provides adjustable crystal clear sound quality so that every tiny giggle, gurggle, and hic-up can be clearly heard.

Tempreature Display

A slight change in temperature can make your baby restless. If the baby's room becomes too hot or too cold, the parents will be alerted through the digital display on the parent unit.

Rechargable Long-range Parent Unit


A long 330m range allows you to stay connected to your baby anywhere in the house. while the rechargeable parent unit allows up to 24 hours of cordless roaming before re-chargeing is required.

Night Light


A soft night light is available on the baby's unit that delivers a soft glow that will not only help your baby sleep, but will also easy their anxiety about being in complete darkness.

Product Features:

  • DECT technology allows for crystal clear sound quality while providing a private and secure connection with no interference.
  • Talk back feature lets your baby hear the soothing sounds of your voice.
  • Extra-long 330m range allows you to roam around in the house and still know what is going on.
  • Temperature sensor allows the slightest changes in temperature to be detected.
  • A secure connection ensures that you are the only one hearing your baby.
  • Adjustable sound sensitivity lets you chose what you want to hear.
  • Night light features provides a warr, soft glow in your baby's room.
  • 1 year limited warranty.

Power:up to 18 hrs use with 10 hours charge
Capacity: operates between 10 - 40 degrees C
Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year
Free Extended Warranty: 6 Additional Months

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