Sakura Kitchen Range Hood |R901ii-30HS| 30" stainless steel

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R901ii-30HS | Sakura 30" 295 CFM Single Motor Kitchen Rangehood Stainless Steel

Powerful, clean, quiet, stylish, and energy efficient, its no surprise that Sakura is one of the most trusted brands worldwide in kitchen rangehood technology.

Why Choose Sakura?

Instead of traditional drum-shaped motors found in a majority of the older models, Sakura rangehoods feature thermo-loaded heavy duty centrifugal motors, and tubo-type turbines that are coated in non-stick teflon. A noise-reducing chamber surrounds the fan motors, keeping noise down. The combination of power, cleanliness, and quietness is only found in Sakura rangehoods.

Backdraft Damper

A uniquely designed backdraft damper prevents air from entering from the outside, to ensure that the rangehood only sucks out grease and heated vapours, not letting cold drafts in from the outside.

Motor Positioned to Suck in all the Grease

The centrally located motor of the R901ii is strategically positioned to be at the optimal position: not too far from any of the range burners, the motor provides powerful, effective grease and fumes removal from any type of cooking you throw at it.


The R901ii economical model is up to 60% cheaper than other rangehood models, proving that more power does not necessarily mean more money.

Perfect for apartment units, basements, and almost all kitchen spaces, the 30" kitchen rangehood comes with a powerful 295 CFM motor that efficiently removes grease and heated vapours from the air. Cleaning and maintainance of the rangehood is easy due to the teflon coated fan blades that prevents grease from becoming stuck, a thin aluminum filter traps grease even before reaching the fan blades, and 2 oil collectors (1 at the back and 1 located directly underneath the fan guard collects remaining grease before they drip down; these oil collectors and aluminum filters can be washed or replaced inexpensively.



*E denotes energy saving model, it uses a 13W CFL bulb for lighting.

Product Features:

  • High efficiency motor: 295 CFM at high speed and 220 CFM at low speed.
  • Rectangular exhaust duct located on the top and rear of the rangehood.
  • 30" width is perfect for most kitchen spaces.
  • Teflon coated fan blades makes cleaning easier.
  • Patented aluminum grease filter traps up to 60% of grease entering the rangehood, and filters can be replaced.
  • Energy efficient: uses only 180W of power
  • Quiet 2 - 4.5 sone noise output.
  • CSA-listed / apporved model.
  • Up to 60% more economical than other rangehoodl models.
  • Available in a stainless steel finish.
  • 1-year motor, parts, and labour warranty.

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