SodaStream SodaMix 500ml (makes 12L of soda) Ginger Ale


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SodaStream SodaMix 500mL Ginger Ale Flavoured 1020119110

Containing no aspartame additives and fructose syrups, SodaStream SodaMix are a healthy and a low-cost alternative to store bought soda. Each 500mL bottle makes up to 12L (50 servings) of ginger ale. All SodaStream SodaMix are made with natural and artificial flavourings and contains very low levels of sodium. All SodaMix is kosher under supervision of the Orthodox Union.

Product Features:

  • Each 500ml bottle makes 12L of ginger ale.
  • Made with natural and artificial flavouring.
  • Contains very low levels of sodium.
  • Contains no aspartame additives and frctose syrups.
  • 3 - 4 months shelf life upon ordering.
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