Tiger Commercial Rice Cooker |JNOA360| 20-cup

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Tiger 20 Cup Commercial Rice Cooker JNO-A360

The quality and reliability of a Tiger rice cooker in a commercial setting - the Tiger commercial rice cooker will not only stand up to the heavy-usage environments of a restaurant setting, but will also exceed all expectations.

20-cup in capacity, Tiger's JNO-A36U is capable of making up to 40 cups of cooked rice in 1 sitting. An automatic switch adjusts the mode from cooking to keep warm once sensors in the rice cooker detects that the rice is cooked to perfection, so all you have to do is put in the required amount of rice and water and have great-tasting rice at the flick of a switch.


The inner pot is specially designed for commercial settings: the extra thick (1.8 mm) non-stick inner pan will stand up to the wear and tear of restaurant use. A cooking mat is included in the inner pot to prevent rice from becoming scorched, so rice is evenly cooked and warmed from the top layer all the way to the bottom.

The rice cooker utilizes a 3-pin grounded electrical plug that meets all of the standards set by government inspection agencies (this rice cooker is ETL and ETL sanitation listed), ensuring the operation of the commercial rice cooker to be safe and reliable.


Product Features:

  • Designed and constructed for commercial use.
  • One touch automatic operation.
  • Automatically switches to keep warm when rice is finished cooking.
  • Thick (1.8 mm) non-stick inner pan for added durability.
  • Cooking mat prevents scorched rice from appearing at the bottom.
  • Spatula and 6 oz. measuring cup included.
  • 3-pronged grounded safety plug.
  • Made in Japan.


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