Tiger Rice Cooker |JKTS10U| 5-cup, multi-function with Induction Heating & 5-layer inner pot

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JKT-S10U | Tiger 5-cup IH Multi-Function Rice Cooker


Induction Cooking


Induction cooking technology means that the heating is more even and precise, reaching and maintaining the optimum temperatures for rice to develop its flavour. It also allows for even heating on all sides of the inner pot, avoiding sections with uncooked rice. Tiger's Automatic Cooking Logic™ system actively monitors cooking temperatures to create the perfect meal

New 8 Layer Inner Pot For Extreme Durability


The inner is the most important part of the rice cooker, Tiger's research has developed the new 8-layer inner pot, featuring 5 layers of metal and 3 coatings to stand up to everyday use. The 5 metal layers allow induction cooking to occur, and heat to be conducted quicly and evenly, while the 3 coating layers ensure the durability of the non-stick coating. The result - a durable inner pot that conducts heat quicly and evenly for better tasting, fluffier rice.

The control panel of the Tiger JKTS Series rice cooker is made to be simple, and easy to use. Large LCD display timer features a 2-memory function that can be used to preset cooking up to 24 hours beforehand, just put in the rice, set the time, and let the rice cooker do the rest for you.

The menu selection button cycles through 11 different functions of the rice cooker, from plain rice, bread, all the way to steel cut oatmeal, each with its pre-programmed cooking time to ensure the best possible flavour and texture. The micro-computer even has different cooking menus for jasmine rice, which allows it to preserve the aroma of the rice. A special "Tacook" function allows the making of two dishes simultaneously.

Product Features:

  • 5 layer metal + 3 layer coating =
    8 layer inner pot (2.5mm)
  • Ceramic coated inner pot
  • 11 computerized cooking menus including
    slow cook, bread baking and
    brown rice settings
  • 2 preset cooking timers
  • Detachable steam cap for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel design
  • Tacook cooking plate included
  • Cookbook included (BPA Free)
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