Back to School Living Essentials

Here at Forum Home Appliances, we understand that being a student comes with a variety of unexpected challenges. Besides the obvious worry about your academics and grades, many of you will be living alone and away from home. Navigating this can be difficult, so let us help you by providing some tips and essentials you will need for all of your living/dorm arrangements.


Kitchen Essentials

Keeping meals simple and healthy is the way to go as a busy student. View our catalog of air fryers to assist you in quickly preparing thousands of different recipes all within a single magical meal machine. From simple delicious chicken breast, all the way to crispy savory brussels sprouts, an air fryer can prepare meals in a matter of minutes.


To fully equip your kitchen, consider investing in a quality cookware set to accommodate all your future endeavors within the kitchen. View our selection of Visions glass cookware and Cuisinart cookware sets.  


You may have never heard of this product, but we promise you that a Sunpentown multi cooker will surprise you with its versatility and ease of use. This multi cooker excels with hot pot, grilling, steaming, simmering, and so much more. It lets you create a wide variety of dishes without the need of purchasing additional kitchen appliances. This appliance is perfect for those who do not have access to a full kitchen.


Nothing is more comforting than eating a warm, perfectly cooked bowl of rice. With one touch of a button, the Panasonic SR-G06FGE rice cooker creates the perfect portion of rice every time. This appliance is perfect for students as its non-stick interior makes scooping and cleaning a lot easier. The appliance also comes with its own rice scoop paddle, measuring cup, and steam basket.


Keen on making a killer smoothie? Or need to make that protein shake for a hard session in the gym? The Cuisinart compact blender is perfect for creating smoothies and drinks in a flash. In addition, this blender comes with a variety of travel cups to take your delicious drinks on the go. 


As a busy and stressed-out university student, we realize a good cup of coffee may be the deal breaker between staying awake to study or accidentally falling asleep and missing out. At Forum Home Appliances, we offer a wide selection of espresso machines and coffee makers to match your needs. Even if you do not consider yourself a consistent coffee drinker, it's still great to have a machine available at all times just in case!


With all this cooking you will be doing, you are going to need plates, bowls, and serving dishes for all your tasty food. Be sure to check out our large catalog of Corelle dishware which are perfect items to add to your kitchen setup.


Stuck with leftovers? Or meal prepping for the week? No worries, view our selection of Pyrex glass food containers to ensure your food does not go wasted. Snapware technology is airtight, leakproof, and easy to open and close all within an easy "snap". In addition, save space in your fridge by stacking multiple glass food containers on top of each other.


Bedroom Appliances

Consider investing in a small table top air purifier to ensure that the air circulating in your room remains fresh and clean. This compact design captures dust, pollen and reduces unpleasant odors. Don't need to worry about changing the filter because the machine will electronically remind you!


Depending on where you go to school, the air might be quite dry which could potentially cause issues such as dry skin, difficulty breathing especially if you have respiratory problems, and even nose bleeds. Browse our selection of humidifiers and see which machine works best for your needs.


Unfortunately, air conditioning does not come standard in all apartments and dorms. Nonetheless, picking up a portable fan will likely do the trick of keeping your room cool and comfortable. Browse our large collection of portable electric fans.


Washroom Accessories

Getting ready for a fun night out with friends? Allow the Conair lighted mirror to assist you in all your makeup and hairstyle needs. This double-sided mirror comes with 1x and 5x magnification if you need to get up close and adjust those final touches.


Walking around with soaking wet hair is quite an unpleasant feeling, so don't forget to pick up a hair dryer for yourself. Browse our large selection of hair dryers and pick the right product that suits your needs.


Keep yourself looking clean and tidy by viewing our collection of men's shaverswomen's shavers and groomers. We offer a variety of shaver styles to best suit your needs.




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