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      Showing 1 - 36 of 168 products
      Global Kitchen Shears |71GKS210| 21cmGlobal Kitchen Shears |71GKS210| 21cm
      CAD⠀ Sale price$94.95
      Global Kitchen Shears |71GKS210| 21cmGlobal Out of stock
      Sig Kitchen Microwave Cover 12" | 80189
      Pyrex Measuring Cup |6001075| 2-Cup Capacity
      Sig Kitchen Microwave Cover 10.5" | 80130
      1085308 | Pyrex Pyrex® Smart Essentials® 6-pc Mixing Bowl Set
      SW Stainless Steel Serving Spoon Set
      Luciano Colour Changing Egg Timer | 80834
      Sig Kitchen Microwave Mini Food Cover 7" | 80957
      Chicago Cutlery Dual Sharpener | 1118046 |
      Bamboo Spatula |F234|Bamboo Spatula |F234|
      CAD⠀ Sale price$1.69
      Bamboo Spatula |F234|Tonly In stock
      L. Gourmet 9.5" S/S Tongs | 70030
      Save 15%
      Omuda Vegetable Peeler |OMUDAMP| 3 Piece Peeler Set
      CAD⠀ Sale price$16.99 Regular price
      Omuda Vegetable Peeler |OMUDAMP| 3 Piece Peeler SetOmuda In stock
      Skimmer Ladle for Hot pot |F023|Skimmer Ladle for Hot pot |F023|
      CAD⠀ Sale price$2.49
      Skimmer Ladle for Hot pot |F023|Tonly Out of stock
      L. Gourmet 9" S/S Steamer Basket | 70013
      GB Bamboo Spoon 28cm | GB-28SPGB Bamboo Spoon 28cm | GB-28SP
      CAD⠀ Sale price$1.99
      GB Bamboo Spoon 28cm | GB-28SPInfinity In stock
      Rice Washing Basket | F327 |
      CAD⠀ Sale price$3.29
      Rice Washing Basket | F327 |Tonly In stock
      Wooden Spatula |F465|
      CAD⠀ Sale price$6.99
      Wooden Spatula |F465|Tonly In stock
      Global Kitchen Knife and Sharpener |71G2220GB| 2 Piece Set
      Zwilling : Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl | 40202-005 | 3-piece Set
      Oil Strainer
      CAD⠀ Sale price$3.95
      Oil StrainerVendor-Unknown Out of stock
      Skimmer Metal Scoop |F246| 16 cm
      CAD⠀ Sale price$4.39
      Skimmer Metal Scoop |F246| 16 cmTonly Only 2 units left
      Luciano 4.25" Silicone Lid | 80488
      CAD⠀ Sale price$1.49
      Luciano 4.25" Silicone Lid | 80488Luciano Out of stock
      Save 22%
      s/s Asian Turner | BKT-SSATs/s Asian Turner | BKT-SSAT
      CAD⠀ Sale price$6.99 Regular price
      s/s Asian Turner | BKT-SSATJF In stock
      Wooden Fry Spoon |B149|Wooden Fry Spoon |B149|
      CAD⠀ Sale price$2.99
      Wooden Fry Spoon |B149|Tonly In stock
      Oil Absorbing Paper |B228| 8"
      CAD⠀ Sale price$2.99
      Oil Absorbing Paper |B228| 8"Tonly In stock
      Bamboo Spoon |F287|Bamboo Spoon |F287|
      CAD⠀ Sale price$2.25
      Bamboo Spoon |F287|Tonly In stock
      Save 25%
      CNG Meat Cleaver |CNGLK| Stainless-Steel Cleaver
      CAD⠀ Sale price$29.99 Regular price
      CNG Meat Cleaver |CNGLK| Stainless-Steel CleaverCng In stock
      Luciano 8" Silicone Lid | 80489
      CAD⠀ Sale price$4.49
      Luciano 8" Silicone Lid | 80489Luciano In stock
      All-Clad S/S BBQ Tool Set w/ Case |T147|All-Clad S/S BBQ Tool Set w/ Case |T147|
      CAD⠀ Sale price$129.95
      All-Clad S/S BBQ Tool Set w/ Case |T147|All-Clad Out of stock
      Global Kitchen Knife |71G12| 16cm Meat Chopper
      Moso Bamboo Chopstick |F838| 10 Pairs
      Luciano Apple Corer & Wedger | 80513
      CAD⠀ Sale price$3.29
      Luciano Apple Corer & Wedger | 80513Luciano Out of stock

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