Have you ever purchased a product from another retailer and have it break down shortly after the warranty has expired?

Have you ever been denied warranty service because you could not find your receipt?

If you buy a small household appliance from us you no longer need to worry.



Benefits of our Program:

  • Peace of mind in making your purchase
  • Eliminates the high cost of repairs
  • You will not be bounced around from a confused retailer, to the manufacturer’s call centre, to a hard to find service centre.
  •  It’s completely FREE - No Deductibles


What is a FREE Extended Warranty?

Our Free Extended Warranty is a program that we offer at no additional charge to our preferred customers that extends the duration of the warranty term for small home appliances purchased at Forum Home Appliances and International Plumbing and Electrical Supplies. This warranty does not replace your manufacturer’s warranty. It enhances the service you receive and extends the duration.

Offered exclusively to our customers, this program goes beyond most manufacturers’ warranties by offering you additional benefits during the manufacturer’s warranty and throughout the entire coverage period.


Concierge Service

Let us know if you have difficulty setting up or operating your appliance. We would be happy to go over your products features and functions with you regardless of how long ago it was that you purchased the product from us.


Sales History Tracking

Once you make a purchase from us we will enter your data, and keep track of all of your purchases and warranties, on our computer system. We can provide you with warranty service even if you can’t find your receipt.


The Truth About Extended Warranties...

Should you spend extra money to buy an Extended Warranty for a new product? That is a question you may have asked yourself many times before when making purchases for electrical products from other retailers. There are a few variables to consider:

      1. How much more does the store want to charge you for this extra protection?
      2. How often will you actually use this product?
      3. Have you had any negative experiences with this brand of product?


The fact is that you wouldn’t spend your hard earned money on buying the product if you don’t plan on using it, and regardless of how famous the brand name, there is always a chance it will break down, and that is why there is a warranty to begin with. As for Extended Warranty programs in Canada, almost all are OVERPRICED. This is because it is an important profit centre for many major retailers. Doesn’t it seem like some retailers and sales people are more concerned that you buy their Extended Warranty from them, than the product itself?


So how are we different?

Our Extended Warranty is FREE, because we are confident in the quality of the products we sell, and we care about our customers. If you have a problem you can come to us, and we will help you ourselves, instead of simply referring you to a third party service provider.


Why are we giving our warranty away for free when others are making good money charging their customers for it?

Our Extended Warranty is FREE because we are more interested in building long lasting relationships with our customers, than making a quick buck. We have been in business since 1988 and we are proud of the relationships we have developed with our customers during this time.

As an authorized service centre for most of the brands of small appliances that we carry, we regularly deal with consumers that have problems during their warranty period, and also after their warranty has expired.

Often these are models which we do not carry in our stores, as they are purchased from other retailers, which refer their customers to us. Because of this, we know which products are reliable and more importantly which are not. As a result we are able to choose to stock only the best quality products in our stores, and stand behind them with this extra coverage.

In the event that your product does fail during the Extended Warranty period, we have our own technicians on staff to quickly and professionally repair your product, unlike most extended warranty programs which must outsource their service to authorized service centres to deal with your problem.


What's covered?

The Extended Warranty has the same limitations and coverage as the original manufacturer’s warranty and any repairs will be done to the same guidelines.

Household appliances used for commercial purposes are not covered under warranty.


How does it work?

The duration of the Extended Warranty will vary from one product to another. Not all products qualify for coverage by the Extended Warranty. The terms for the qualifying products are clearly labelled on each product on our store shelves, or online at this website on the details page of individual products. If there is no Extended Warranty coverage listed on a product there is no additional warranty available for it.

When you purchase a product from us, just fill out the registration form, and we will extend your warranty. Online customers automatically receive applicable Extended Warranties by signing up as a member when placing your orders at this website.

In the event that you have a problem with your product after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, and within our Extended Warranty period, just bring your product back to us and we will repair it for you at no charge. Shipping costs are not covered under warranty.


Personal Information

We require you to provide us with your contact information to quickly and efficiently process warranty service claims with the manufacturers, and contact you regarding your repair. We may also use this information to contact you regarding our company promotions and special events. We will not sell it to another company.