Reduced-Carb Rice with Aroma SmartCarb

There is a way to reduce carbohydrates in your diet without sacrificing your rice consumption - and it is as easy as the press of a button with Aroma SmartCarb technology. Multi-function models like the Aroma ARC-1120SBL (10-cup) and Aroma ARC-1126SBL (6-cup) SmartCarb Rice Cookers can remove up to 30% of carbs from your rice.

How are carbs reduced?

The difference begins with the carb-reducing, stainless steel inner pot placed inside a larger inner pot. After filling the carb-reducing inner pot with rice and water, and pressing the SmartCarb button, water begins to boil and carbohydrates on the surface of the rice break down. As the rice cooks, the starchy water drains below through the carb-reducing inner pot. 


 Aroma SmartCarb Rice Cooker

Why does SmartCarb work?

The SmartCarb concept is to filter the starchy liquid that contains carbohydrates through a specifically designed inner pot. It works because the rice steams to finish cooking instead of reabsorbing the carbohydrates in the water it has cooked in - leaving you with delicious, fluffy, reduced-carb rice ready to enjoy!

Reasons to try a SmartCarb Rice Cooker

Reduced-carb rice is valuable for anyone watching their carb intake or on a diet. Choosing a rice cooker with this function is a positive step for your health and wellbeing, and an easy way to improve your eating habits! Consider what you want in a rice cooker - because at Forum, we care about searching for products that suit your lifestyle.

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