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Healthy Bear 32cm Non-Stick Induction Wok BCAL-32W-IN

To create delicious cuisine from East or Southeast Asia, you will need a high-quality wok that functions well with your stovetop. A wok is most commonly used for stir frying, deep frying, steaming, simmering or braising. The type of wok you need depends on the quantity of food you intend to make. The Healthy Bear Non-Stick Wok series features different sizes to allow you to select the perfect size wok for your cooking needs.

The Healthy Bear non-stick wok will allow you to cook meals that are not heavy in sauce or oil. They are a good choice for professional or home chefs who want to produce more healthy wok-fried meals. It also features a stay-cool stick handle will keep you at a good distance from the wok and reduce the risk of burning. The stay-cool handle will remain cool to the touch compared to a metal handle.

Although questions have been raised about the safety of nonstick cookware, rest assured that Healthy Bear non-stick cookware are manufactured under the highest quality and safety standards so that cooks have little to worry about. Our non-stick cookware utilizes Dyflon as the coating - a Korean-made coating which is many times more durable and scratch resistant than normal Teflon coating, and can withstand higher temperatures. There is absolutely nothing about our non-stick cookware to worry about under normal use.

Tips for cooking with a wok:

  • Use the right size of wok. For stir-frying, you do not want to use a wok that is too big, or it will be difficult to lift it and move the food around. For other cooking methods, a larger pan can be used, but never overfill the wok, or the food will not cook quickly enough. There should be several inches of free space at the top of the pan. Healthy Bear non-stick woks come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of your kitchen.
  • Prepare ingredients thoroughly. Prepare all of your food ingredients before you begin cooking. This is because the wok cooks very quickly using high heat levels, so you need to be beside the wok at all times to supervise. You cannot spare a second to go chop some more vegetables or grab the chicken out of the refrigerator.
  • Heat the wok before adding oil. Before you heat the wok, its better to add oil to the wok before applying heat, this will ensure that the non-stick coating last much longer.
  • Choose oil carefully. For wok cooking, it’s best to use oils with a high smoke point and low polyunsaturated fat content. These include grapeseed oil, peanut oil, soy bean oil and semi-refined sesame oil – but never use unrefined sesame oil, or it could burn.
  • Use a curved-end utensil. A standard flat-end turner is not ideal for stir-frying, deep frying or simmering in a wok. The flat end of the turner will not be able to reach into the bottom of the wok. Use a wok spatula or a long, wooden spoon for stir frying, a wok ladle for simmering or braising and a round, slotted basting spoon or a perforated wok ladle fordeep frying.
  • Move the wok. Stir frying gets its name from the motion of moving the wok to “stir” the food inside. Whenever you are cooking things at high temperatures in your wok, it is important to frequently tilt the pan so the food will not burn or stick.

Tips on caring for your non-stick cookware:

  • Never leave nonstick pans unattended on an open flame or other heat source
  • Don’t use metal utensils on nonstick cookware
  • Wash nonstick cookware using nonabrasive cleaners and sponges
Product Features:
  • Durable non-stick Korean Dyflon coating: many times more durable than Teflon.
  • Suitable for all cooktops.
  • Long, stay-cool handle allows cookware to be handled after hours of stovetop cooking.
  • 32cm diameter: perfect size for cooking meals for the whole family.

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