AOS-7017HS | Hydro Stick [DISCONTINUED]


Manufacturer Discontinued. No Longer Available.


AOS-7017HS | Air-O- Swiss Hydro Stick [DISCONTINUED]

Please use Substitute Part # AOS-A200

  • The Hydro Stick provides constant freshness in AIR-O-SWISS humidifiers and air washers.
  • The advanced water maintenance system keeps your humidifier operating at its highest level between recommended cleanings*.
  • Good for one year, the Hydro Stick ensures your humidifier's functionality while providing fresh humidification performance.
  • The Hydro Stick begins to function as soon as it comes into contact with water, even if the humidifier is switched off.
  • Using the Hydro Stick helps maintain the appliance and improves the life expectancy of the humidifier.
  • Exchange the Hydro Stick a year after it has first been used.
    • * Refer to the user manual which accompanied your AIR-O-SWISS humidifier for proper cleaning instructions.

    Placement of Hydro Stick
    View the pictures on the left to see how the Hydro Stick is positioned in your humidifier. The metallic clip can be removed in all devices except in AOS 1355N, AOS 2055A, AOS 2055 and AOS 2055D.

    Lifecycle indicator
    To ensure proper water quality maintenance the Hydro Stick has to be changed every year. As a reminder for the first time the Hydro Stick is used, attach the indicator sticker found in the Hydro Stick packaging to your device. Write the relevant month and year on the sticker.

    Cleaning Instructions
  • The Hydro Stick does not need to be cleaned but should be exchanged after one year to guarantee optimal humidifier freshness
  • If the humidifier is cleaned with anything other than clean tap water, you must first remove the Hydro Stick from the water base.
  • Be sure to return the part to the water base after cleaning.

and is no longer available from the manufacturer
Please use Substitute Part # AOS-A200
Substitute Item: AOS-A200

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