AOS-7017 | Ionic Silver Stick [DISCONTINUED]


Manufacturer Discontinued. No Longer Available.


AOS-7017 | Ionic Silver Stick [DISCONTINUED]

Can be used with these AIR-O-SWISS humidifiers:

  • AOS 1355N
  • AOS 2055, AOS 2055D, AOS 2051
  • AOS 7131, AOS 7133, AOS 7135
  • AOS U7142

System and Use

• The patented Ionic Silver Stick

® (ISS) makes use of the

anti-microbial properties of silver, which effectively pre-

vents bacteria growth

• The ISS starts to operate as soon as it comes into contact

with water, even if the unit is switched off. When it is in

contact with water the silver ions dissolve until the required

concentration is reached in the water

• The silver ions given off from the surface are replaced

from the internal store. This is how the Ionic Silver Stick


maintains its effectiveness for so long

• The system is self-regulating

• The ISS should be changed once per year

and is no longer available from the manufacturer
Substitute Item: N/A

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