Boneco/ Air-O-Swiss: Demineralization Cartridge

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AOS 7531 | Air-O-Swiss: Demineralization Cartridge

This can be used with the following models:

  • AOS-7131, AOS-7133, AOS-7135
  • AOS-7142, AOS-7145

System and Use

• All Boneco/AIR-O-SWISS ultrasonic humidifiers are equipped with a powerful and exchangeable demineralization cartridge to ensure water mist without lime scale or mineral residues.

• The cartridge has a silver treated plastic housing with Ag+ Ionic Silver Technology. That inhibits microbial growth on the surface of the cartridge.

• Cartridge is refillable– 3Pack refill granules available (AOS-7533)

• Easy replacement

• Odorless granules used

• The demineralization cartridge needs to be replaced every 2 – 3 months depending on the water hardness. If the water is very hard (= high amount of minerals), it may be necessary to replace the cartridge after 1 – 2 months.

• In case distilled or reverse-osmosis water is used with the ultrasonic humidifier, the use of the demineralization cartridge is not necessary.

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