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AOS-7018 | Air-O-Swiss Replacement Wick

For use with Boneco/Air-O-Swiss E2441 Evaporator

  • To keep your AOS E2441 Evaporator working effectively, please follow the steps in the operating instructions when changing the evaporator wick.
  • Manufacturer’s recommendation: change evaporator wick every 2-3 months, hard water use may require more frequent replacement.
  • The evaporator wick is made of environmentally friendly paper with cotton flocking and guarantees high humidifying performance.
  • DO NOT wash or wring the evaporator wick!
  • Dispose of the used evaporator wick with household waste.
  • Do not remove and dispose of the float body (styrofoam piece) as it is not provided with evaporator wick.

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