Breville Waffle Maker |BWM640BSS| 1800W, 4-slice, with WaffleIQ

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BWM640XL / BWM640BSS | Breville the Smart Waffle 4-Slice Waffle Maker with WaffleIQ

The first ever smart waffle maker that knows the optimum cooking time for different types of waffles, ensuring that they turn out crispy and golden every time.

Easy-to-Read LCD Display and Control Panel


A large LCD screen on the control panel displays all the different waffle options that you can chose from: from exquisite Belgian waffles to simple buttermilk waffles to a custom setting where you can personalize and create waffles with a unique personality. Colour changes on the screen indicate when the heating elements are heating up, and audio cues will alert you to various stages of the cooking process. An easy Light-Dark knob allows you control the colour and texture of your waffles, and an innovative "A Bit More" feature lets you add just a bit more time for that extra crunch without scorching your breakfast.


This waffle maker comes with WaffleIQ, a technology developed by Breville that constantly monitors the internal temperature of the heating plates, ensuring that no matter which function you chose, the results will be perfect everytime, no matter how many batches you do consecutively. If you get distracted while making breakfast, the waffle maker will switch to warm after cooking to avoid scorching the waffles while keeping them warm and fluffy, and will beep to remind you that they are ready.

Unique Wrap-Around Design


The wrap around design of the bottom non-stick heating plates makes clean up easy - the outer moat catches all of the spills.

Product Features:

  • 4-slice capacity: enough for breakfast for the whole family.
  • Non-stick PFOA-free plates prevent batter or waffles from sticking, making clean up easier.
  • Deep grooves for fluffier waffles.
  • Unique thermal engineering ensures even heat distribution.
  • Countdown timer starts automatically when the lid is closed.
  • "A Bit More" feature adds a bit more crunch to your waffles without having to reset the timer.
  • WaffleIQ monitors the temperature constantly for consistent results.
  • Wrap-around design catches drips and spills for easy clean up.
  • Different pre-set functions such as Belgian, classic, chocolate, and buttermilk waffles.
  • Custom option for you to set your own heat and time program.
  • Dark-Light control knob for complete control of your waffles.
  • A BPA-free dosing cup included for accurate measuring and drip-free pouring.
  • Stylish stainless steel housing with cast aluminum cooking plates.

Capacity: 4-slice
Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year
Free Extended Warranty: 6 Additional Months

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