DLC117BTX1 | Cover with Large Feed Tube (Amber) for DLC-10 [DISCONTINUED]


Manufacturer Discontinued. No Longer Available.


DLC-117BTX-1 | Cuisinart Cover with Large Feed Tube (Amber) [DISCONTINUED]

Suitable for Cuisinart food processor:
  • DLC-10E, DLC-10P, DLC-10CC


Note: When replacing the original cover for DLC-10E, the original work bowl (P-FP631ATX-1) pusher assembly (P-DLC118BTX1) and small pusher assembly (P-DLC120BGTX1) must be replaced as well.


This item is No Longer Available
Please order grey color P-DLC117BGTX1 instead
Substitute Item: P-DLC117BGTX1

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