Connection (on heating block, Ø5x0.5 model) for ESAM-5400, ESAM-5500, ESAM-5600, ESAM-6620, ESAM-6700, ECAM-22110, ECAM-23210, ECAM-23450


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P-5332239200 | DeLonghi: Connection (on heating block, Ø5x0.5 model)

Connects to pump to heating element, also the same connector between the boiler and the mechanical valve. Ø5 is engraved on the boiler, please check your model before placing the order. If you see Ø6 on the boiler instead, please order P-5332212900.
Suitable for DeLonghi Magnifica espresso maker:
  • ESAM-2200, ESAM-5400, ESAM-5500, ESAM-5600, ESAM-6620, ESAM-6700
  • ECAM-22110, ECAM-23210, ECAM-23450, ECAM-26455
Substitute Item: 5332212900

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