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DeLonghi "Alicia" Electric Moka Coffee Maker, Cordless EMK 6


Make coffee the original Italian way with a Moka coffee pot with DeLonghi's EMK 6. A Moka pot produces coffee by boiling water in the bottom container, then forcing the hot water, which is pressurized into steam, through ground coffee, the results is coffee with a rich flavour, as every molecule of water has had a chance to infuse through ground coffee. DeLonghi's Moka coffee makers still use this principle have withstood the tests of time, but instead of using the stove, the EMK 6 uses electricity for a more automatic, regulated process, to make sure the coffee is made right every time.

Transparent Coffee Pot


The transparent coffee container allows you to view the brewing process, and watch the aromatic coffee that comes out of the traditional brewing process.

Cordless Design


Much like a cordless electric kettle, the EMK 6 comes with a removable base, making the coffee pot more convenient for serving.

Keep Warm / Auto-shutoff Features


Auto-sensors turns off the brewing process automatically when there is no more water in the bottom pot, and the keep warm function keeps your coffee at the right temperature for 30 minutes without burning your coffee.

Product Features:

  • The Italian way to make authentic espresso with the Moka process. It involves just a few steps. Fill the aluminum boiler with water and filter with ground coffee. After only a few minutes, the machine will deliver authentic Italian espresso into the container.
  • Your espresso will never burn or overflow with the safety automatic shut-off, and the keep warm function keeps espresso hot for 30 minutes.
  • Easily monitor the entire brewing process with the transparent container. It's durable and easy-to-clean.
  • Choose 3 or 6 cups of espresso with the convenient filter adapter.
  • Serving is simple with cordless operation and detachable base.
  • Automatically shuts off the machine with a 2-level safety system. It turns the unit off when it is finished brewing and when the body is lifted from the base.
  • Easy operation with on/off switch and indicator light.
  • Ensures safe operation with pressurized safety valve and cool touch handle.
  • Enjoy great espresso for years to come with the durable, high-quality aluminum boiler.
  • Accessory kit is available and includes a 3-cup filter adapter, milk frother, 6-cup filter, filter with rubber seal, splash guard and measuring spoon.
Capacity: up to 6 cups of espresso
Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year
Free Extended Warranty: 6 Additional Months

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