NOKALK Descaling Solution for EAM-****, ESAM-**** [DISCONTINUED] - Replaced by ...


Manufacturer Discontinued. No Longer Available.


P-5513211481 | DeLonghi: NOKALK Descaling Solution [DISCONTINUED]

DeLonghi NOKALK natural descaler for Magnifica espresso makers:
Nokalk is a highly effective desaler for espresso and coffee makers made exclusively from natural, totally biodegradable substances. It is non-corrosive, non-aggressive and has no enviromental impact. As well as being an effective descaler, it also has an antimicrobial sanitising action, thus helping to esure teh hygine of the machines's internal components, preserve the taste of coffee over time and extend the working life of the machine.
  • Contains two bottles
  • 100 mL per bottle / one bottle per cleaning
  • Suitable use with for all Magnifica model Delonghi automatic espresso makers
and has been replaced with the NEW DeLonghi EcoDecalk descaling solution

Substitute Item: P-5513291781

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