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ZT-10 | Easy Mop 4th Generation Mop Set with Bucket

Its not surprising that most people dislike mopping: you are using the same old dirty water to wash your mop, and you can never get your mop dry enough, so you end up spreading that dirty water all over the place. Thankfully, this problem is now solved with the newest generation of Easy Mop floop mop system.

Circular Microfibre Mop


A circular microfibre mop does all the dirty work: being circular, this mop head can read around corners with ease, and the many microfibre bristles easily sweeps up dirt, dust and other grime. The head is also easily replaceable - just click and snap into place. Perfect for materials any flooring including hardwood, tile, and slate. In addition to being perfect for floors, the mop is soft enough to be used on windows without scratching the glass. used wet or dry, the specially designed mop head can bring you the perfect clean every time.

Spinning Action Dries Mop Head Instantly


The spin-dry insert located on the bucket rotates up to 1,000 RPM to dry the mop head instantly, preventing dirty water from going back onto your floor. All you have to do is put the mop on the insert, and push down on the pole of the mop and watch it do its job. A foot-press located on the bucket also serves to spin the insert.

Housework should never be grueling, with Easy Mop not only modernizes the cleaning process, but also makes cleaning easy and simple.

Instructions on Use:


Product Features:

  • Lightweight micro-fibre mop head with telescopic handle.
  • Easy to use wringer bucket with splash guard.
  • No more dirty water being dripped back onto your floor.
  • Spin-dry insert spins up to 1,000 RPM to dry the mop quickly and efficiently.
  • Mop head easy to replace and clean - just snap on and off.
  • Available in blue colour.

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