Figure 8 F8-Bands 3 pcs Workout Resistance Bands Set With Carry Bag

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  • DURABLE & COMFORTABLE - Cotton Polyester blend for comfort and weave designed technology for tear resistance
  • VEGAN MATERIAL - Inner non-slip grip is made from natural vegan material, without any animal byproducts. Vegan non-slip grip prevents the band from rolling up or sliding
  • 3 BANDS WITH DIFFERENT RESISTANCES - Light (Squats, Fire Hydrant, Kickbacks) Medium (Bicycle, Rear Leg Lifts, Reverse Lunges) Heavy (Hip Hinge Abduction, Single Leg Lifts, Glute Bridge)
  • TARGET AREAS - Upper Body Training (Shoulders, Back, Arms, Abs) Lower Body Training (Hamstrings, Glutes, Quads, Calves) BENEFITS - Tone your body, weight loss, muscle gain, core activation, Body Stabilization, Stretching and Mobility
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHT WEIGHT - Mesh carrying bag included for easy storage and so you can bring the Figure 8 Vegan bands to the gym, office or an outdoor workout.

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