AT504 | Flexi Beater KM020, KM080 [DISCONTINUED]


Manufacturer Discontinued. No Longer Available.


AT504 | Kenwood Flexi Beater KM020, KM080 [DISCONTINUED]

This tool eliminates the need to stop the machine and scrape down the sides of the bowl. Flexible silicone wings gently scrape the sides of the bowl for you. With this new design, beat and cream ingredients faster and more efficiently. It is also heat resistant to work with the Cooking Chef and comes with two wipers so it can be used for sweet or savoury.
Suitable for Kenwood MAJOR models:
  • KM020
  • KMM020
  • KM080
  • KM080ATCA
This item is NO LONGER available
There is no alternative on this item from the manufacturer
Substitute Item: AWAT504006

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