KAH647PL | Food Processor Attachment AT647 for KM020, KM080


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KAH647PL | Kenwood Food Processor Attachment AT647 for KM020, KM080

The Food Processor attachment has a bowl made from Tritan™, an innovative, shatterproof and dishwasher-safe material designed for continuous use. Discs are included for thin and thick slicing, fine and coarse grating, julienne and rasping.
Key Features:
  • Large feed tube to accomodate various ingredients
  • Safety interlock system built into the lid; machine will not work if lid is not locked into place
  • Includes stainless steel knife blade and 6 stainless steel discs: rasping, fine grating, coarse grating, thin slicing, thick slicing, julienne chipping
Suitable for Kenwood models:
  • KMC010
  • KMC011
  • KMM020
  • KMM021
  • KM080
Substitute Item: AW20010010, AWAT647002

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