KW711987 | New Circlip Shaft for KMM020/ KMM023 Kenwood Major Stand Mixers [SPECIAL ORDER]


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P-KW711987 | Kenwood New Circlip Shaft for Kenwood Major Stand Mixers

Suitable for Kenwood Major Models: 

  • KMM020
  • KMM023


Please read the following carefully to determine which type of attachment shaft your kitchen machine:

With technical and specification improvements, Kenwood has changed the tool shaft type from the original Circlip design to a new Bayonet design. To determine which tool shaft type your Kenwood kitchen machine uses, please see the following diagram:


Kenwood has improved on the older version of the Circlip type shaft. The new Circlip type shafts have a shorter tread length and shoulder that prevents from winding up and locking the mixing tool onto the planet hub under heavier mixing loads.

Since Kenwood has discontinued the old Circlip shafts, all tool attachments needing a replacement Circlip type shaft will issued the new Circlip shaft, as Bayonet shafts are not compatible with Circlip type hubs.

The P-KW711987 contains only the new Circlip type shaft. This part is only needed when your original Circlip tool shaft is broken. If you have a broken attachment. Attachments with the (new) Circlip type shafts are still available from Kenwood. Please contact us for details regarding ordering them.

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