TR-2 | Add-A-Tray (2-pack) for FD-1020 / FD-1040


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Nesco Add-A-tray for FD-1020 / FD-1040 (Pack of 2) TR-2

Need more room on your dehydrator? The Nesco Add-A-Tray Accessory pack adds 2 more speckled trays to expand your FD-37 dehydrator capacity. Perfect for drying more of those fresh summer fruits and vegetables, or making more jerky with Nesco's famous jerky seasonings.

Product Features:

  • For use with FD-1000, FD-1010, FD-1020, and FD-1040 dehydrators only, Add-A-Tray's are available for other models, see our selection for details.
  • Expand your dehydrator as your needs grow with these expandable trays.
  • FD-1000 and FD-1010 expandable up to 30 trays.
  • FD-1020 and FD-1040 expandable up to 20 trays.
  • Each pack comes with 2 speckled trays.
  • Drying pressure autmatically adjusts to the number of trays
  • No tray rotation required.
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