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FD-1040 | Nesco Garden Master Digital Pro Food Dehydrator

Nesco – one of the leading brands in America for its food dehydrators brings all the advantages of drying foods into one simple and versatile unit, the FD-1040.

Contemporary in its design, with a clean white finish, this dehydrator combines Nesco / American Harvest’s unique Top Mounted Power-head, and their specially designed Converga-Flow system to generate the fastest speed and quality for dehydrating fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, spices and much more. The top-mounted 4-1/2 inch fan and 1000-watts of drying power dries food up to 4 times faster compared to dehydrators without fan or motors.

The FD-1040 also features an adjustable thermostat that allows you to dry different foods at the optimum temperatures (95 – 160F) that different foods require, providing the flexibility to produce the best drying results.

Opaque drying trays and lid ensures that sunlight does not reach and affect delicate nutrients, retaining vitamins and minerals for a more nutritous drying.

The top mounted fan helps keep drippings out of the fan unit, making cleanup easier. The trays are also removable, easy to wash, and also dishwasher-safe, making the whole drying process hassle-free

The possibilities are endless: drying your favourite fruits to vegetables, drying your fresh garden-grown herbs and spices, making delicious jerky from your favourite cuts of meat, potpourri and dried flowers for arts and crafts and even healthy treats for your pets at a fraction of the cost compared to store-bought products.

Expandable up to 20 trays to accomodate all your drying needs.

All components that come in contact with food products are BPA-free.

Need extra-trays? Jerky-spices? or specially designed Fruit Roll Sheets? Click Here for Nesco Accessories!

Product Features:

  • Digital Timer is Programmable for up to 48 Hours of Drying Time
  • 1000 watts of drying power!
  • Patented Converga-Flow®.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control.
  • Includes 52-page recipe and instruction book, 1 solid sheet, 1 mesh sheet, and 1 packet jerky spice to make great tasting beef jerky or venison jerky.
  • 4.5" Fan, 2400-RPM Motor.
  • Dries in Hours, not days. Fruit rolls 3-6 hours, Beef Jerky 4 hours, Apples 4-6 hours, Bananas 5-8 hours, Pineapple 4-6 hours.
  • Opaque Vita-Save® Exterior (blocks harmful light).
  • Expandable to 20 trays. No Tray Rotation, 1 Sq. ft. Per tray. Tray size 15 1/2" diameter.
Capacity: Expandable up to 20 trays (4 trays included)
Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year
Free Extended Warranty: 6 Additional Months

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