SLD-2-6 | Fruit-Roll-Sheet (2-pack) for FD-1020 / FD-1040


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Nesco Solid Fruit Roll Sheets for FD-1020 / FD-1040 (Pack of 2) SLD-2

The Nesco Fruit Roll Sheets are able to dry up to 3 cups of pureed fruit on each sheet, making great fruit leather with no added sugar or preservatives. The exclusive "no-spill" lip allows you to dry liquids and pastes. Even if you are not making fruit leather, the sheets can be placed on the bottom tray of the dehydrator to catch any spills and drips, making clean-up even easier.

Using the Fruit Roll Sheets is as easy as pouring applesauce onto the sheet.

All parts are made with BPA-free plastic.


Product Features:

  • Holds up to 3 cups of liquid or puree.
  • Each pack comes with 2 sheets.
  • Fits the FD-80, FD-1000, FD-1010, FD-1020, and FD-1040. Fruit Roll Sheets that fit other dehydrator models are available, see our complete selection for details.
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