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Nesco Jerky Spice 3-Pack Original Flavour BJ-6

Turns ground or whole meat into the best-tasting jerky you've ever tasted! The perfect blend of seasonings to make great tasting beef jerky or venison jerky at home in combination with Nesco Jerky Works Kits.
Other flavours are available such as teriyaki and hot & spicy flavor.
How to Make Delicious Jerky At Home:(instructions taken from Nesco / American Harvest at
  1. Mix 1 pound ground meat with 1 packet each of seasoning and cure.
  2. Form into strips or sticks using Jerky Works Kit.
  3. Dry jerky using food dehydrator or conventional oven.
Product Features:
  • Home-made jerky has superior texture and flavour over processed jerky.
  • Jerky is a dense, protein-rich food, great for entertaining guests or people conscious of their health.
  • 3 pre-measured packets included in each box.
  • Does contain soy and/or soy products.

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