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LR6XE8B | Panasonic Battery AA x8 Platinum Power 

Power all your devices with Panasonic Platinum Power alkaline batteries.  Platinum Power AA and AAA alkaline batteries are 33% longer lasting*;  AA, AAA, C, and D size protect power for up to 10 years, and 9V up to 5 years, when unused and stored properly.**

These battery cells are formulated to provide peak performance for today’s power hungry devices, such as radio controlled toys and game controllers. Platinum Power batteries are the perfect choice for all products that require long lasting battery life. They can also be used in everyday medium and low drain devices such as flashlights, remote controls and thousands of other products.

Platinum Power Alkaline batteries cells are engineered by Panasonic, a trusted industry leader in battery technology since 1931. Panasonic Platinum Power alkaline batteries deliver the power your devices demand, at a price you can afford.


  • Triple Tough Coating: Panasonic Platinum Power AA and AAA batteries utilize a customized iron / nickel alloy layer on the negative terminal. This additional alloy layer creates a triple tough coating which prevents iron oxidation, reduces contact resistance, and improves battery’s ability to stay connected for smooth energy flow.***
  • Long Storage Life: Platinum Power AA, AAA, C and D size alkaline batteries protect power for up to 10 years, when unused and stored properly.
  • Advanced Formula: The combination of high-purity manganese dioxide, a unique Titanium additive, and ultra-high density Cathode filling technology provide longer lasting performance for high drain devices. These Platinum Power AA and AAA last 33% longer than Alkaline Plus Power battery cells.*
    • Optimized variable can thickness, uniform density of the active ingredients, and advanced gasket technology allows for the addition of more active ingredients and added structural integrity.
  • Anti-Leak Protection: Platinum Power AA and AAA batteries utilize new zinc alloy, electrolytes, and special organic inhibitors which dramatically reduces gas build up generated within the cell.
    • Panasonic has also developed a unique gasket material which has increased resistance to degradation. This new material and the highly specialized sealing method, when combined with new zinc alloy, electrolytes and organic inhibitors, dramatically reduces the possibility of electrolyte leakage.

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