Panasonic Hot Water Pot |NCEG3000| 3.0L with Drip Mode

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NC-EG3000 | Panasonic Hot Water Pot 3.0L with Drip Mode

Hot water can always be at your fingertips with a PANASONIC Electric Thermo Pot. The built-in microprocessor keeps the temperature of the water at a constant 98°C (Four Temperature settings available on this model). With the NC-EG3000, the microprocessor also notifies you with a distinctive beeping sound that your water has finished boiling, that the Thermo Pot is unplugged, or if there is insufficient water for boiling.
The Keep Warm function controls the temperature to keep the water at a piping 98°C.
Binchotan, is also known to be called white charcoal. Because of this Binchotan-type premium non-stick interior coating, it improves the taste and smell of water or tea brewed. It's very easy to clean, and is also stain resistant.
Product Features:
  • Charcoal coated non-stick interior
    (Premium Japanese carbon "BINCHO" plus Diamond fluorine coating )
  • Easy-to-clean non-stick interior
  • Four keep warm temperature selections
  • - Approx. 98° C (208° F)
    - Approx. 90° C (190° F)
    - Approx. 80° C (180° F)
    - Approx. 71° C (160° F)
  • 6 hours energy saving timer
  • Overheating protecting
  • Rotating body (360º)
  • Easy-to-read red floating water level indicator

Additional Information:

Panasonic Thermo Pot Features:

Reboil setting

Brings water to 100ºC again.

Interior (Exclusive Binchotan-type Charcoal Coating)

PANASONIC is the first to use a Binchotan-type premium charcoal non-stick interior coating. This special coating results in a 10% improvement in the colour, taste, and aroma of the tea when brewed with water from the PANASONIC Electric Thermo Pot. You will be able to see, taste, and smell the difference that the Binchotan-type non-stick coating makes to your tea. The interior is also stain resistant, and can be easily cleaned.

Cleaning mode

To keep the thermo pot functioning at its best, keep it clean with lemon juice or package cleaners.

Rotating body

The rotating body design allows water to be poured out at a convenient position, regardless of the position of the Thermo Pot.

Safe and easy-to-remove lid

The lid can be easily removed. Simply lift it up while pushing the lever in the joint between the lid cover and the Thermo Pot body.

2-Step lid opening switch

To prevent accidental opening of the lid, the Electric Thermo Pot has a 2-step lid-opening switch.

More available water

Thanks to the PANASONIC bottom heating system, the Electric Thermo Pot can hold up to five cups more water than conventional Thermo Pots.

Economy timer

Keeps water warm economically. The 6 hour economy timer can reduce the amount of electricity used.

Overheating protection (Empty heating protection)

Turns off the heater automatically if you attempt to boil water with less than the minimum volume of 0.3 litres (10-fl. oz.) of water. The "Reboil" and "Keep Warm" indicator lights flash alternate.

Four keep warm temperature settings

Keep coffee, tea, and noodles at the ideal temperature from 60ºC to 98ºC.

Magnetic plug

This safety feature helps to keep the entire unit from falling when the power cord gets caught.

Built-in microprocessor

The microprocessor system activates with distinctive beeping sounds to notify you of three different conditions: when water has completely boiled, when overheating is detected, and when the Thermo Pot is unplugged. A flashing light will notify you of these functions.

Automatically locked dispense button

For safety protection, the Dispense Button automatically locks approximately 10 seconds after dispensing hot water. Pressing the Lock/Unlock button and then the Dispense button allows water to be poured again.

Capacity: 3 Liters
Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year
Free Extended Warranty: 12 Additional Months

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