Panasonic: Light Bulb (with attached base) for NN*6** series microwave ovens, 125V, 20W


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F612E9Y00AP| Panasonic: Light Bulb (with attached base) for microwave ovens

125V 20W

Suitable for Panasonic microwaves:
  • NN-SA631B, NN-SA631W
  • NN-SA651S
  • NN-SA661S
  • NN-SD654B, NN-SD654W
  • NN-SD664W
  • NN-SD681S
  • NN-SD691SD
  • NN-SN643S
  • NN-SN651B, NN-SN651W
  • NN-SN653S
  • NN-SN661S
  • NN-SN671S
  • NN-ST651W
  • NN-ST661B, NN-ST661S
  • NN-ST671S
  • NN-GD693S

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