HQ8 | Shaving Heads 3x for 8000 series, SensoTec


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Philips 8000 Series SensoTec Shaving Heads HQ8

Package of 3 replacement shaving heads for Philips 8000 series shavers.
Product Features:
  • Suitable for Philips / Norelco Men's Shavers:
    • HQ-8445/ HQ-8835/ HQ-8850/ HQ-8870/ HQ-8880/ HQ-8890/ HQ-8825/ HQ-8845/ HQ-8865/ HQ-8875/ HQ-8885/ HQ-8894/ HQ-8830
    • PT710
  • Replace the shaving heads every 2 years for optimal shaving results.

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