Sakura: Front Panel (30" black) for R727/ R747 (old style)

Sakura Parts & AccessoriesSKU: P-SP-FPANELB-01

SP-727-NPLATB 727 Name Plate Sticker Reg Price $5.00 (Save 10%): +1 P-SP-727-NPLATB Name Plate Sticker (+4.50)
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Sakura 30" Black Replacement Front Panel for R727 or [Old-Style] R747 P-SP-747-FPANELB

Replacement front panel for the old style R747 rangehood. The front panel is the section outlined in the red box in the picture. The contents in the blue box (Name Plate and Light & Motor Switches) does not come with the front panel.

Product Features:

  • Replacement front panel (black) for Sakura R727 or old style R747 30" rangehood.
  • Does not come with the name plate and motor / light switches.
  • Genuine Sakura parts.
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