Sakura Kitchen Range Hood |R727ii-30HS| 30" Stainless Steel

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Harninder Atwal
It is good product to use in above average house.

It is easy to install.
The customer I installed for is very happy with the performance and outlook of this product.

Tony Leung
Range Hood R727ii-30HS 20: stainless stell

I received the hood and did not have a chance to mount it until last Sunday (January 27, 2018)
1.First of all, the right hand side of the range (where I can mount it to the side of the cabinet) had a big dent when I received and opened the package, which extended to the front lower corner of the hood. I personally understand it could be due to Canada Post delivery. I was able to hammer it out but of course the result wasn’t perfect. I wasn’t also able to make the corner look perfect either. Since I needed the range hood to function as soon as possible, I thought returning it and requested a replacement was time consuming. It was okay to me as long as it would do the work for me, mechanically. Its look was as important.
2. But I also found the damper was very hard to mount stably and I was thinking after I mounted the hood and if the damper fell down inside the hood then I had to unmount the hood to get the falling damper out, which was again very time consuming. So I decided not to use it.
3. when I turned the left motor manually it wasn't spinning as silent as the right one and I thought it could be due to some obstacles inside and the motor should then spin fast enough to get rid of them. So I did not pay much attention to it.
4.After I mounted the hood, the left motor seemed to generate a bit noise and I could feel some abnormal vibrations at the left . The right motor was quite quiet and spinning normally. So far I have been using for a week and this morning when I used the hood, the left motor repeatedly generated some sounds when it tried to spin up and then the sounds died down after it caught up the speed. I had recorded the noise and I would like to send it to you. After cooking and waited for a while I tried to turn the left motor few times, the noise was still there but it was quieter. After hours later I tried again, it seemed to resume to normal but the vibration still persisted. I am worried if the left motor will give me more trouble later on. Please advise.
Since it is brand new, can I get a replacement quick and I send the old one back? Please email me back.

Dowain Krastel
vent damper

I am not pleased with the optional vent damper. The mounting lug broke off during installation. I am using fan without the vent damper and have cold air coming in through vent. Very poor design of vent damper.

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