Sunpentown: UV bulb for AC-7014W

SunpentownSKU: P-AC7014-LAMP

Manufacturer Discontinued. No Longer Available.


Sunpentown Replacement UV Lamp for AC-7014 P-AC7014-LAMP

The UV lamp works in conjunction with the TiO2 filter inside the AC-7014 air purifier to break down harmful allergens like bacteria and VOC (volatile organic compounds) into harmless carbon dioxide and water. In addition, the UV lamp also serves to penetrate and break down bacteria to effectively sterilizing the air.

Product Features:

  • Breaks down pollutants into carbon dioxide and water to sterilize the air.
  • Works in conjunction with the TiO2 filter (sold separately).
  • 4,000 - 6,000 hours lifespan.
  • Safe for domestic use.
  • Works with AC-7014 air purifiers.

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