Whale / Sun Kung Thermal Lunch Kit |J950EB| 0.95L with divider basket, incl carrying bag, assorted color(blue/red)

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J950EB | Whale / Sun Kung Thermal Lunch Kit 0.95L

Product Description:
Keep your lunch warm with the Whale Thermal Lunch Kit. The 0.95L , stainless steel container can keep your food warm from 48-57 degrees Celcius after 4 hours. The rice and entrees can be separated in to two compartments. The kit is vacuum insulated for maximum temperature retention. Also inclues a cloth carrying bag.
Product Features:
Interior dividing compartment to seperate entrees from rice
Heat Retention:
Contents: Temperature after 4-hours
If bottom compartment packed with rice (to height of 3cm)
& top compartment filled with entrees
48° Celcius*
Packed entirely with rice (to height of 6cm)
[bottom compartment not utalized]
57° Celcius
*Temperature of rice:
  • After packing rice in room temperature (25° Celcius)
  • Temperature retention efficiency +/- 3° Celcius every four hours
Inside Depth = 6.5cm= (2-1/2")
Inside Diameter =14cm= (5-1/2")
Capacity: 0.95 Litre

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