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        Showing 1 - 24 of 24 products
        Bamboo Chopstick |F233| 4 PairsBamboo Chopstick |F233| 4 Pairs
        Bamboo Chopstick |F837| 10 Pairs
        Bamboo Spatula |F234|Bamboo Spatula |F234|
        CAD⠀ Sale price$1.69
        Bamboo Spatula |F234|Tonly
        Bamboo Spoon |F287|Bamboo Spoon |F287|
        CAD⠀ Sale price$2.25
        Bamboo Spoon |F287|Tonly
        Electric Bug Zapper |F286|Electric Bug Zapper |F286|
        Kitchen Cleaner Pad |F582| 1 EachKitchen Cleaner Pad |F582| 1 Each
        Kitchen Item 11 cm Sink Strainer | B256
        Oil Absorbing Paper |B228| 8"
        Rice Washing Basket | F327 |
        Saddmain Household Articles Wooden Chopsticks | F836
        Scouring Ball |F790|
        CAD⠀ Sale price$1.99
        Scouring Ball |F790|Tonly
        SinkTastic Amazing Acrobatic Sprayer |ET52W| White
        Skimmer Ladle for Hot pot |F023|Skimmer Ladle for Hot pot |F023|
        Skimmer Metal Scoop |F246| 16 cm
        Skimmer Metal Scoop |F248| 20 cm
        Stainless Steel Sink Strainer |F677| 11.5cmStainless Steel Sink Strainer |F677| 11.5cm
        Steamer Liner |B225| 8"
        Steamer Liner |B226| 10"
        Stew Spice Bag |B223|
        CAD⠀ Sale price$5.99
        Stew Spice Bag |B223|Tonly
        Tly 33cm Rolling Pin Noodle Stick| F005
        Vietnamese Coffee Filter |F021|Vietnamese Coffee Filter |F021|
        Wooden Fry Spoon |B149|Wooden Fry Spoon |B149|
        Wooden Spatula |F465|
        CAD⠀ Sale price$6.99
        Wooden Spatula |F465|Tonly

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